FADEL Group is a private owned family company .
The group is active in following main manufacturing and trading activities and operate the business through different company names as follows:

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Fadel Feed industries Company is a leader in compound feed and premixes manufacturing for poultry , cattle. And other animals
The company has 3 modern production lines giving the flexibility to produce wide range of animal and poultry feed ( in pellet form) and feed premixes ( Vitamins and Mineral premixes) .
We extend our process experience and nutritional services for the poultry and animal nutrition in the region .
The knowledge and experience of our company , quality control laboratory and its business partners abroad guarantee the high quality of manufacturing processes and all product ranges.

We are the first company who introduced poultry feed in pellet form, to the poultry section in Syria and neighboring countries. We are proud that today more than 99%
of broiler flocks in our country are fed pellet form feed instead of mash feed.

Vegetarian feed ingredients:
Feed ingredients are highly selected and based on corn-soybean meal diet, no animal protein or animal by products are being used in our feed formulation.

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